Macintosh turns 30!

Today in 1984 the original Macintosh was released! This was one year before I was born. Incredible what happened since then.

Apple made a very nice web site according to the anniversary, have a look:

Also you can download a font where the characters are all Macintosh desktops and notebooks made until today (via osxdaily)


iOS 7 Tech Talks – Game Developer Day in Berlin



On December 13th 2013 I had the chance to attend the iOS 7 Tech Talks Game Developer Day from Apple at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin. In short: it was amazing!

I’ve met some interesting people to talk about iOS & game development and got a lot of information and tips. The presentations were hold by Apple Developers and had many useful hints and tips to improve Apps and software in general. One of my favorite presentations was the one about OpenGL ES 3.0. It’s truly awesome what mobile devices are able to do these days!

Next to the presentation room was a lab where you had the opportunity to talk to the developers from person to person. For me this was one of the highlights of the day because they gave me a lot of input for some of the projects I am working on.  Everyone was willing to help you on your problems and it’s great to discuss stuff of your apps directly with people with tons of experience.

To summarize, it was a very interesting day and I think it’s great that Apple cares so much about the developers! I hope that I will have the chance to join some of this kind of event (WWDC? ;-) ) again, even if it was a bit stressful after all (there was the christmas party of my job the same evening in Dresden…)!

If your are a in the iOS Developer Program you can watch the presentations here: