Retro grain with Blender EEVEE

Blender 2.8 is in beta for a while so it’s about time for me to catch up and to get to know the new renderer EEVEE. I started tonight with a simple grain shader which gives the impression of a dot art style. It’s a pretty simple node setup, in general it’s like a toon shader but with the power of an additional voronoi texture. It’s really impressive to see these huge steps made in the latest development of blender but this will be a topic for it’s own in another post. For a tutorial on this shader check out this video!

LOST Intro

This was on my to do list for a long time, now I needed it for a vfx project.
Made with blender. My exams will start next week but when that’s done I think a tutorial will follow.

weekend project – Wristwatch modeling with Blender — Project finished

This weekend project is done. I like the result, but it isn’t rendered with luxrender though. I had some problems using luxBlend, especially with textured materials like leather and plastic. They use procedural textures from Blender and I was not able to figure out how to use them with luxrender. So it’s rendered with Blender Internal Render and some compositing (just defocus node & RGB curves adjustment). As you may notice there is no glass on the watch. This is because I had some bad shading issues with Blender Internal which I wasn’t able to eliminate. Luxrender had no problems with it so I don’t have any clue what could cause the problem.

The project was nearly completely made with Open Source Software! I just had one useable picture of the watch (besides the watch itself ;-) ) and I prefer to model by reference images. So I made references with Inkscape which is pretty awesome. Some textures are made with GIMP but for the main texture I had to go with Photoshop (mainly because of my lack of GIMP knowledge).

That’s it.