Retro grain with Unity

Tonight I’ve adapted the Blender shader from last week in Unity to try out the preview package of Shader Graph. This package let you create shader in a visual style without coding which makes prototyping way more easier and productive. So here we go with another round of retroish graphics! The Unity version is realtime since, yeah, Unity is realtime graphics! I reduced the needed components and added some randomness to give the grain some noise. This can be easily “unplugged” in Shader Graph to make the grain static again. The shading is calculated by the direction of the main light of the scene – this should be a directional light. Scaling of the grain structure can be adjusted via material settings. There’s much air to improve the setup but it does the job in it’s current state. Grab the project on GitHub if you wanna play around with it!

Retro grain with Blender EEVEE

Blender 2.8 is in beta for a while so it’s about time for me to catch up and to get to know the new renderer EEVEE. I started tonight with a simple grain shader which gives the impression of a dot art style. It’s a pretty simple node setup, in general it’s like a toon shader but with the power of an additional voronoi texture. It’s really impressive to see these huge steps made in the latest development of blender but this will be a topic for it’s own in another post. For a tutorial on this shader check out this video!