miscellaneous projects / experiments I’ve been working on…


Dead Bird – iPhone Game (2014)

Yeah, you name it! Dead Bird is a Flappy Bird clone packed in gorgeous 2-Bit graphics & sound. This project was intended to learn more about the SpriteKit API and sound generation in Logic Pro X.

It’s hard, addictive and free – so give it a try!


Stepr – Fitness Tracker / Pedometer for iPhone (2014-2019)

Stepr was my first app made for iOS. With the help of the M7 processor in newer generation iPhones (5s and newer) you can track the steps you do on a daily base extremely power efficient. Stepr helps you to set a daily goal and records all the steps you do. You can watch your progress in an detailed statistic and even compete against players world wide via Game Center!

defrendefren – OpenGL deferred rendering (2012)

a deferred rendering engine made with OpenGL. this approach of a rendering engine supports more than a thousand realtime light sources and has some post processing effects like screen space ambient occlusion and depth of field included.

1 million Particles (2011)

this was my first attempt on GPGPU programming for particle systems. without any further sense ~  1 million particles are flying around in 3D space which are controlled by some nifty glsl shaders.

Bildschirmfoto 2011-04-07 um 17.38.18dancing with kinect (2011)

an interactive installation where you can dance in front of a kinect camera and get tracked by it. all your movements are displayed on a display as visualization of 3D-block. the scale of the blocks is controlled by a fft (fast fourier transformation) of the background-soundtrack.