My challenge for 2015 – One sketch a day!

I suck at drawing. Really, it’s that bad. You could give a pencil to a two year old and get more out of it as I would. I wanted to draw better for so many years but never really started to improve something. So why not try it by setting a personal challenge for the new year? I think that’s a good idea to motivate myself to finally improve my drawing skills (at least a bit). There is no certain goal for this challenge, I hope my abilities to draw what I see (or think of) will improve by a huge amount if I just draw…So  I did not set any specific rules, except one: draw one sketch a day, regardless how!

In the moment I think most of the sketches will be done on iPad with one of my favorite drawing apps: Paper or ProCreate. Check them out if you don’t know them, these are brilliant pieces of software! I will post every image on my blog with slight edits in Pixelmator at max. Since the year is already some days old I will try to catch up some sketches, if I don’t get it the challenge will last as long as I’ve got 365 unique sketches.

Okay, now let the sketching begin!