Add TRIM support for Mac OS X

Apfeltalk reported about TRIM Enabler from Oskar Groth, I tested it with my OCZ Vertex II 120GB and it seems to work. Although someone on the OCZ forum who was involved in the Mac OS filesystem development said that TRIM wont help on Mac I’m interested in the results. Get TRIM Enabler here!

Oh, and a big thank you to Oskar!

LOST Intro

This was on my to do list for a long time, now I needed it for a vfx project.
Made with blender. My exams will start next week but when that’s done I think a tutorial will follow.

OpenNI running on Mac!

Today I’ve also got my Kinect running on Mac with the OpenNI driver. Here is a video of the user tracking demo. Now I am working on a small project with cinder and Kinect, so stay tuned.

some process on shader programming

On my way to implement a particle system on the gpu (either glsl or opencl but I would prefer opencl) I made the Game of Life from John Horton Conway (wikipedia) to improve my abilities in shader programming (which are kind of poor at the moment). Lesson was how to work with a shader and a texture, especially how to save the results of the shader in a texture to work with them in the next iteration. The code starts with a noise texture which was generated in Photoshop and saves its results in a new texture which will be used in the next step.

Particle system with cinder

During the holidays I did the “Welcome to Cinder” series and that’s my result. It’s a bit sloppy because of the screen recording. Next step will be to run the calcutlations on the GPU with OpenCL.

Fix __MyCompanyName__ in XCode – The easy way

Changing __MyCompanyName__ in XCode to something useful was always a bit stupid, like configuring it with plist editing or on terminal. Today I found a very easy and sensible way to get things right. Just edit the company of yourself in Address Book and XCode will insert this company in your files. Solution was found here (german).

Nixon Wristwatch Wireframe

Everyone loves wireframe renderings, so here is one of my latest project! Sad but true, Blender lacks of a easy & fast method of wireframe rendering ( I know three: duplicate of the object with a slight scale and wire material, 2 material slots for one object & texture baking of the wire) if you have more than one object so I had to make this with Maya & mental ray. I really like Maya, I think I will do some textured mental ray shoots too.

By the way, the “nixon” and the logo are looking messed up because they were made with curves and then triangulated.

weekend project – Wristwatch modeling with Blender — Project finished

This weekend project is done. I like the result, but it isn’t rendered with luxrender though. I had some problems using luxBlend, especially with textured materials like leather and plastic. They use procedural textures from Blender and I was not able to figure out how to use them with luxrender. So it’s rendered with Blender Internal Render and some compositing (just defocus node & RGB curves adjustment). As you may notice there is no glass on the watch. This is because I had some bad shading issues with Blender Internal which I wasn’t able to eliminate. Luxrender had no problems with it so I don’t have any clue what could cause the problem.

The project was nearly completely made with Open Source Software! I just had one useable picture of the watch (besides the watch itself ;-) ) and I prefer to model by reference images. So I made references with Inkscape which is pretty awesome. Some textures are made with GIMP but for the main texture I had to go with Photoshop (mainly because of my lack of GIMP knowledge).

That’s it.