Back on track!


It’s been a while since my last regular posts and some code too…

Anyway, here we go. I’ve got some time and a iPhone 4s, so I started to do some openframeworks [OF] stuff on it. OF seems to be very evolved on iOS, which is really nice to get started! Even though cinder supports iOS too, OF does it’s job very well.

My first experiment is some spirographic thing which is inspired by “Wave Clock” from Matt Pearson (I am reading his book on Processing at the moment, which is very good! ( the book is called generative art, a must read if you’re interested in creative coding!)

The graphics style of the “app” is some kind of retro styled. I think I will do some more stuff with this style, I really like it. Touch gestures are also supported. You can control the density of the single lines, change their length and color too. These few settings already give some very interesting possibilities to work with. Next step is to get smooth & automatic changes of the lines in an animation.


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