No time – no excuse!

In the last days, I’ve found nearly no time to do my regular sketch per day, so today I already did five (and could do some more!). For the next sketches I will also educate myself on drawing with this book so the next sketches will be done in much less time than I’ve had set myself for the last time where sketches had to be done inside a certain time frame. 2-5 minutes should be enough to get the things on paper. Spring is arriving here in Dresden so I will commute by bike and do my sketches on the way home after work to get some new input.

I’ve also tried new things like silhouette drawing which I really enjoy, although it is sometimes hard to get things “right” because I feel a lack of knowledge on how to draw to get the result I see in my head. Loosening up my eyes from the reference image is another thing I tried to improve. Sometimes I feel that I am getting stuck on trying to replicate the object from the reference image which often leads to unsatisfying results. But after all I keep sketching an enjoying it more and more! :-)

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