Stepr 1.7.1 – Pedometer for iPhone is available now!

stepr iphone image

A new version of my iOS app for iPhone “Stepr” is out in the wild. The update focuses on iOS 10 compatibility and an improved ui layout for bigger iPhone screens. There are also some bug fixes in the multithreaded engine and speed improvements. Some users had complaints that there data was lost at some point so I hope this issue will be fixed now!

As soon as I have more time there will be some new features in coming versions like Apple Health integration and elevation changes but more on this later. Oh and here’s a secret: soon there will be a special promotion of Stepr but we’re still negotiating the conditions so this still needs some time before it goes live…until then Stepr is available at the App Store for all iPhones (5s and newer):

app store iphone link


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